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March 16th, 2008 at 06:22 am

WE ARE i think making some positive moves !
we where in the throws of loosing our home but we got the morgage company to work with us they are going to be able to make the back payments up thru lost mitigation they will take the back payments (2) and spread them out on our current payment bringing us current and stopping any foreclosers YEA .it went up 20.00 but i can save that on one fast food run !how we got into this mess? we had bills based on overtime when they cut hubby's hours and brought him down to 40 it was the start of a real hard time never do this!so iam working to get the bills based on a 40 hour week !we also dont have a car payment!(we only have 1 truck) we also are going thru consumer credit and have been for nearly 2 years we have 1 year left on the credit cards and we are told it will go real quick now YEA i also am currently looking for part time work. we are empty nesters so there will be no childcare costs concured we are going to start a household budget as soon as we can this will be a very positive move but its hard the utilities fluxuate because the gas is sometimes estimated we now know that we can enter our meter reading online which hubby plans to do !thanks to all that leave such positive comments i really need them now it keeps us going yes he reads this with me ! i have now set up a envelope system
1. groceries
2.household items (everyday living items)
4.car pepairs
5.house repairs
*now all i have to do is figure away to get the money in there*

our can:25.40 opening
10.00 not eating out
4.60 coupons
1.20 found money
= 41.20

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